Drones for Inaccessible Place





ELIOS is the first collision-tolerant drone, designed for industrial inspection professionals. The drone is enclosed by a protective frame which allows access to indoor places. L.A WWIC.Ltd uses Flyability’s ELIOS for the inspection of complex environments inside plants.


ELIOS is unleashing the potential of UAVs in a number of applications which used to be too dangerous or simply impossible. We use ELIOS for inspections of e.g. boilers, tanks, silos, tunnels and other environments which are difficult to access. ELIOS comes with certain advantages regarding costs and safety compared to traditional indoor inspections.


Lower inspection costs

Traditional inspections of complex structures inside industrial systems can be time-consuming and costly. ELIOS allows decreasing downtime and inspection costs by remotely accessing boilers, tanks and other inaccessible places.


Lower inspection costs

ELIOS enables our drone pilots to enter confined space for inspection tasks. The risk of injuries for employees is minimized thus worker safety is increased. The drone can be used when the plant is in operation without any risk of crash.

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