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Drones equipped with sensor systems such as multispectral cameras offer the possibility to examine vegetation and environmental properties in a professional manner. Applications in the areas of vegetation analysis, precision farming, renaturation, detection of stress factors, assessment of the conditions of water bodies, etc. can be realised with drones in the short term in a cost-saving way. The results range from geo-referenced land cover maps through to time series analyses and 3D terrain models – depending on the application-related need.



Our team of pilots, surveyors and geographers provide all the technical and professional skills to enable you to successfully execute your project in the areas of vegetation analysis and environmental analysis.



Vegetation and environmental properties can be determined and analysed with the help of satellite images or aerial photographs from planes. However, aerial surveys with aircraft are very expensive due to staff and fuel costs. Satellite data only have a low spatial and temporal resolution. Furthermore, the images are linked to the satellite’s orbit. Satellite images are therefore often unsuitable for tasks in the area of environmental analysis and vegetation analysis.

The development of smaller and lighter hyper- and multispectral sensors has opened up new opportunities for recording and assessing vegetation and environmental properties over the visible spectrum with drones. Applications in the areas of precision farming, renaturation, detection of stress factors, assessment of the conditions of water bodies, etc. can thus be realised quickly in a cost-effective manner. In addition, the land cover and land utilisation can be classified in a reliable manner using the high spectral information density. In addition to the corresponding georeferenced land cover maps, time series analyses, for example as part of a change detection, can also be performed. Our experts can also produce additional 3D terrain models and elevation models on request.



The use of infrared and multi-spectral cameras lays the technical foundation to analyse soil and plants according to criteria such as over-fertilisation, water or chlorophyll content, malicious changes or disease infestation. In precision farming, important insights into the current state of the targeted introduction of fertilizers or pesticides can be thus be obtained using GPS-controlled flying robots. Archaeological sites which are located in cultivated areas are also visible on infrared images from a bird’s-eye view.


  • Creation of vegetation indices (for example: NDVI, VI, GNDVI etc.)

  • Assessment of the condition of vegetation

  • Interpretation of the results in terms of interference factors (fungal/bacterial contamination, lack of nutrients, irrigation)

  • Recording of the quality of water bodies: Algae growth, turbidity etc.


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