L.A WWIC.Ltd  provides services with drones for various areas of application. The portfolio of our drone services includes industrial inspections, structure analyses, monitoring and progress monitoring of construction sites, missions for precision farming as well as in environmental and vegetation analyses. It also includes support after fires and natural disasters. Here, the focus is always on providing the best possible professional and aeronautical training to the pilots at L.A WWIC.Ltd to educate them about their scope of duties. L.A WWIC.Ltd thus sets standards in the areas of safety, professionalism, and reliability in the field of drone services



Inspections conducted with drones from the air are efficient and low-risk. Less accessible regions of industrial plants and energy systems as well as structures can often be reached more easily and inspected more reliably from the air




Mapping performed with drone technology as well as terrain and elevation models offer a high spatial and temporal resolution. With surveys from the air, accurate results can be obtained and used for further processing of geographical information systems in a short time.



Large terrain can be analyzed with cameras and other sensors affixed to drones over long periods of time. Flight paths using exactly the same coordinates can be patrolled with the help of waypoint navigation. The obtained data prepared in time series analyses provide information on the progress and changes.

Further Application


There is a wide range of application possibilities for drones. In the areas of detection and safety, drones offer the possibility to create aerial photographs to analyze the damage and to rescue missing persons during natural disasters and fires.

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